TopicHow To Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

  • Thu 23rd Jan 2020 - 6:41am

    If you have a canon printer at home and you encounter a Canon Printer Error 5100, then you need to know that this error is very close to an error of 5101. Because these mistakes are the same, they have the same signs and remedies. You will experience an alternate power lamp and error light flickering twice with these errors. If you are sure of the mistake, the approaches you can use to solve the same problem are below.

    Method 1–

    Turn On / Off- The first step you need to take is to turn off the printer after a few minutes and then turn it on. You are required to move to other methods to solve the printer error once you have completed the process.

    Method 2–

    Removal of protective material-The The protective material is one of the reasons why the printer should not print. Such a substance prevents the movement of the written head. The solution to the problem is, therefore, to open the printer's top cover, find the protective material and remove the same. Once the steps are completed, the cover must be closed and the printer must be turned on. If this method benefits you, you should switch to the next step, otherwise, it is perfect.

    Method 3–

    Remove Jammed Paper / Foreign Material–The presence of jammed paper or foreign material is one of the possible reasons for the Canon Printer Error 5100 or 5101. 

    • Step 1-Start the printer 
    • Step 2-Press the Power button to turn off the printer 
    • Step 3-Open top cover 
    • Step 4-Find the jammed paper / foreign material 
    • Step 5-The same should be carefully removed before finding the content. You also need to make sure that as you delete the same you don't tear down the paper.
    • Step 6-Switch on the printer and perform the print activity.

    Method 4-

    Proper Ink Tank installation-The wrong installation of the ink tank is one of the possible reasons why the printing operation does not occur. For a test and proper installation, the expert should be contacted.

    So require these methods to be used to correct the error. If a method solves your problem, you can stop moving to the next method. So carefully read the instructions, conduct them well to know how to fix canon mx430 printer error 5100 and begin the task of printing.

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